August 18, 2020

Joel Reese and RM Team Procure Impressive Settlement Against Shell Trading Co.

Partners Joel Reese and Leslie Chaggaris led a team of Reese Marketos lawyers representing client Jamex Marketing, LLC, in related lawsuits against Shell Trading Co. and Whiting Petroleum Corp. Jamex alleged tortious interference and breach of contract claims relating to a $50 million oil transportation contract between Jamex and Shell, which Shell terminated only 5 months into its 7-year term. Jamex claims that Whiting and Shell conspired together to bring about the wrongful termination so that Whiting could receive the transportation fees that should have gone to Jamex pursuant to the terms of the contract.

Mr. Reese is “extremely pleased” with the terms, which require Shell to pay $13.85 million to Jamex in order to bring an end to the pending lawsuits. Jamex received approximately $8,060,000 net of attorneys’ fees and expenses.

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